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1336 Tech Feudalism


The Tech giants: Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., make money by encouraging colonization of their dataspace by settlers & entrepreneurs then taxing them or exploiting them in some way, often by mining for their personal habits. Unfortunately, like feudal lords, if Tech doesn't like an immigrant, they can simply banish them, regardless of their investment in time & money. The similarity with the robber barons of America’s past is eerie and mired in politics; no one in government seems to want to do anything about it. Back then, labor unions were established as a countermeasure, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent online. The supporters of Fascist Tech’s most common refrains are, “it’s a private business,” and “you can build your own,” but obstacles are set up to circumvent already existing regulations and to prevent competition they don’t like. The biggest reason this tyranny has been allowed is that it serves the goals of whoever it is that sets the national & worldwide narratives: want a war in Ukraine, or coup a president, or eliminate yourselves of a troublesome Middle Class, there is no better mechanism than to monopolize access to information. Censorship, misinformation & ostracization have always been the most effective tools of authoritarians, and many of the Tech aristocracy want their own fiefdoms.

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