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1335 How Biden’s Election was Rigged


When Trump became president in 2016, he did so through the Electoral College rather than the popular vote. He won by taking the previously Democrat-leaning states of WI, MI, PA & GA. By all statistical indications, ignoring falsified polling, he was on track to do it again but then while comfortably ahead in all of these states, the vote counting was inexplicably stopped, and we all woke up in the morning to find that Biden had made a miraculous comeback to win the presidency by just enough votes in each of the swing states to assure his victory but not so much as make the fraud too obvious. The MSM and Big Tech then censored any investigation and dismissed those outraged as conspiracists. The question wasn’t if but only how was it done? The documentary film, “2000 Mules,” decisively solved that mystery. The scam uses real mail-in ballots, it's the controls that insure the ballot validity that they exploit: sloppily monitored drop boxes, no supervision of who actually marks the ballots, and the so-called "mules" who take them to the drop boxes. The tactic is called “ballot harvesting” and is illegal in those swing states. They picked the largest Democrat county in each and stuffed the drop boxes. That's why those places had 99:1 Biden mail-in voting and counting stopped early, so they could figure out how many fraudulent votes were needed. It didn't make any difference what that number was, they had an unlimited supply. It didn't make any difference what else was happening: the Hunter's laptop news would have made no impact. The fact that Republicans are silent about "2000 Mules" implies it'll happen again.

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