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1333 Democracy = Feminism


The Left is enamored with the word “democracy.” I used to think it was because democracy is their greatest weapon but the ubiquitous use of the word has gotten me thinking it’s a stand-in for egalitarianism, and by extension, feminism. When they say “threat to democracy,” they mean anything that slows their quest for equality, or in reality, superiority, because they don’t seem to care about equality in labor-intensive work, only white-collar & prestigious jobs. It’s not about voting at all except as a way to achieve their goals: if the majority goes against them, that’s a threat to democracy; Trump is a threat to democracy; populism is a threat to democracy; what they mean is it’s a threat to feminism. Authoritarian countries like China and the former Soviet Union are big on democracy too because democracy is a big part of Communism: the U.S.S.R. had 97% turnout, and China has over 90% turn-out for their elections; in fact, voting is mandatory there. Democracy-advocates conveniently forget about those sterling examples of fully-embraced democracy, or dismiss them as shams, but how are their shamlections any different than the 2020 presidential Shamlection in the Unites States?

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