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1332 Democracy Doesn’t Work


Democracy doesn't work and anybody who thinks it does is deluded. Our Republic at least has the Constitution laying out the ground rules but look at the total tools who get elected; it's a complete joke all the way down to school board level. This condemnation is often blamed on our 2-Party system which makes a voter declare their party before voting in the Primaries, leaving only the most extreme candidates. Mail-in and Top-2 voting is being tried in a number of states but the results haven’t been any better. Even the much-heralded Ranked-Choice Voting got a try but its flaws became starkly visible in an Alaskan election when Republicans didn’t put a 2nd choice on their ballots. The fundamentals of democracy are dangerous, only a step above mob rule. By-in-large, people aren’t thoughtful & discerning, they’re vengeful & perverse; they aren’t informed & egalitarian, they’re ignorant & selfish. Most aren’t even self-aware, and the ones that run for office are exactly who shouldn’t be: they’re vain & controlling, many are narcissistic. With all this working against democracy, it’s actually quite remarkable that it’s worked out this long.

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