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1331 Fear Yellow Journalism


Up until the mid-Twentieth century, "Yellow Journalism" was unabashedly partisan news. In the 1940s, Edward R. Murrow, a renown broadcast journalist and head of CBS News, made news unbiased; schools were even named after him for that contribution. News mostly remained that way until British newspaper mogul, Rupert Murdoch, founded Fox News in 1996 and essentially brought back Yellow Journalism. Granted, it wasn’t as blatant as times past but it was extremely profitable so enticed the straight-arrow news outlets to follow suit, especially the cable-based networks, and their biases weren’t as circumspect: full Yellow Journalism is again predominate. People watched Fox News because they had a perspective that was being ignored by the other news sources. Its success was bold & encouraging but frightening & embarrassing at the same time; its average viewer is a 68-yo male, which makes the cutesy female anchors a kind of perverted sex fantasy. Fox News was taken over by Murdoch’s Left-leaning son, James, in 2019 which aliened loyal Right-leaning viewers who remained only to watch the immensely popular Tucker Carlson. There’s still real news out there but you have to watch independent-creators on YouTube to find it. Young people have learned this, which has resulted in pseudo-journalists with an iPhone drawing more viewers than establishment news shows. The encouraging but embarrassing nature of news continues.

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