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1302 School Boards


The idea of elected school boards overseeing the administration of public schools sounds reasonable in theory, but in practice it’s simple self-dealing. Like so much of democracy is, the people who are supposedly the oversightees elect the oversightors. Voters don’t know who they’re voting for, most people don’t even know what school district they’re in, so whoever the Teacher’s Union backs, that’s who wins. Unless the candidate has a built-in constituency, a church congregation for example, there’s no way to defeat them. That’s why most school boards are made up of special interest groups intent on indoctrinating students with political & social ideology like Critical Race Theory, or pseudo-religions like Environmentalism. Private schools don’t have school boards so are not exposed to this kind of takeover which is why there is so much resistance towards them. Hiding behind the facade of school boards education remains stuck in the eighteen century; they’re why new learning techniques utilizing new technology are not adopted, and why teachers still control the system, not parents.

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