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1301 Perverse Lefties


People are irrational: no matter how good we live, if we see someone who we perceive lives better than us, we envy & resent them. Because of human intellect, we will abide some amount of inequality but in the final analysis the dark emotions will manifest in spiteful & vindictive ways. We all experience this personally but it also occurs at a society level, enabled by democracy. Since the Left & Right divide roughly along their attitudes toward achievement & success: one side simmering in self-loathing & malicious intent, while the other is blithely unaware that they are not only struggling against the vagaries of the world but also against their fellow citizens. By-in-large, Lefties are people who are weaklings & cowards. Democracy allows them to be bullies, and their best revenge is to take away what they think their tormentors value, one of which is guns, so whatever other ulterior claims they may make, gungrabbers have two real motivations: (1) to take as much power as possible away from the strong, and (2) to irritate and ankle-bite the people who they hold a grudge against, even though this kind of discourse is divisive, harming both sides. In fact, most political issues have the same perverse motivation, so there's probably some evolutionary theory that can explain it, but you don't need to know why, you only need to be able to predict it.

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