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1299 Guilt Wants Control


People act out of reasons that are not always clear. The most subtle & common motivator is to reduce the anxiety one feels. One cause of anxiety is guilt, which is often vague, and difficult to identify the cause of because it may be due to a sense of inadequacy, or that one is a fraud; even something as dire & inexplicable as self-loathing is a source of guilt. These are all very personal & difficult to articulate reasons but they still motivate people to reduce them, which naturally leads people wanting control to force the world around them into submission, rather than adjust themselves. Frankly put, people trying to assuage their guilt are doing it for selfish reasons, not for the benefit of others. Wokeness is the most obvious example of this: where a small group of highly-motivated unscrupulous activists, who have no sense of obligation or shared identity with other members of society, have manipulated the guilt of primarily white women, the ones most susceptible to psychiatric maladies, who then demand that all other people share in alleviating their anxiety, and they use whatever control they have, which is cumulatively substantial, to do it.

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