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1298 Accomplishments


If you were to score the accomplishments in your life, how would you do? That’s a tough question because in today’s political & social climate, it’s unclear what even counts or who does the counting? To maintain at least a shred of your self-esteem, it should be you who determines what is important to you, and you should be the one who keeps score. From that point-of-view, how would you do? Would you look in your bank account to see if you were successful or not? How about how many bedrooms your house had or the prestige of your cars? While those things do count somewhat, at least in how they make you feel: satisfied, smug, superior; they’re not accomplishments per se. Focus on values like honesty, integrity, perseverance & ambition. Count the things that caused you to gain wisdom & self-awareness: do you live by a consistent philosophy? Do you set goals for yourself that have a clear path and achievable milestones? Do you do things & go places to never stop accumulating knowledge. For accomplishments, live by the adage of regretting the things you’ve done rather than what you haven’t, and certainly count your spouse, children and the number of your grandkids.

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