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1297 Fame is Lucky


Everyone wants to be famous, at least in their head. Not many, but some people actually achieve true fame but it’s not something you can control, unless your intent is to be infamous, for example, aspiring actresses making “stolen” sex videos. Some careers are very popular because they lead to fame, and in the Social Media age, getting a lot of Followers/Subscribers can make you semi-famous, but for the most part, fame is random. If you wish for fame, all you can do is prepare for it’s longevity if you happen to become famous, because the depth of fame is additive: if someone gets famous when a meteor crashes through their roof, and when the news looks into it they find a number of impressive achievements, then the fame is compounded by that number; for example, if that meteor-famous person crosses the Atlantic ocean in a rowboat, their fame increases. Unlike achievements, which can be planned for, fame does not cause resentment in other people because everyone subconsciously recognizes that fame is unobtainable except through luck, hence it causes no sense of inadequacy, inferiority or insecurity; just a wish to congratulate the newly famous person, and perhaps benefit themselves in some way.

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