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1268 Feminists Don’t Like MGTOW


MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. It’s an acronym used in the Manosphere, the conglomeration of online men’s self-improvement channels that focus on men’s needs and warn about the pitfalls of relationships with modern women. However, counter to being misogynistic, the Manosphere focuses on how a man can get a woman but with the caveat that many never will so they also offer alternatives, mostly centered around taking care of themselves. This is where MGTOW comes in conflict with feminism. It’s because, other than the misandrous, man-hating feminists, most women do want a man but can’t find one that meets their delusional standards, and the men that do exploit their exalted status or want traditional wives. In fact, a nonfeminist woman doesn’t have much difficulty finding a man to settle down and have a family with. However, rather than change or leave MGTOWs alone, feminists insist men improve themselves and accept feminist values for the good of everyone. Obviously, the problem will solve itself because the population will return back to traditionalists; after all, those are the only ones having children.

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