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1267 Videogames Have Changed Society


Society changed when nobody was looking because they couldn’t see it happening. Children, boys especially, became enamored with online videogames, not only because they’re entertaining, but because they shield them from the difficulties of real life. Online anybody can be anyone anywhere, and change on a whim to go someplace else. Looks aren’t important, neither is physical prowess, communication ability nor social interaction: people can pretend to be whoever they want. Videogames are not a fad but are actually a replacement for real life. Physically exploring the world, meeting up with friends & playing sports, have all declined and been replaced by their virtual equivalents. This change is visibly apparent by just looking around: all the places that used to be full of young people are empty. Old people are everywhere; there are still families, but young singles, even women, have disappeared from public view. Some of the females are also playing videogames, but the popularity of social media and streaming channels filled with content for women indicate they are also spending their time online. It seems so odd that all the things Boomers thought were indicative of a well-rounded life are now inconsequential to the Zoomers: that real-life to them is videogames.

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