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1264 The Decline of Music


The music of today is for pussies compared to the Rock era. Songs & bands used to be frightening to prepubescent boys, and girls didn’t even listen to them. Musicians had long hair & huge beards; they were unkempt & wore strange clothes. Grunge came along, and it was very dark: many of the lead singers of that era OD’ed or committed suicide. But Hip-hop isn’t scary, not even Rap, and today’s Pop music is inclusive & coddling. Rock-N-Roll died because now kids are too scared to listen to it. But that’s not enough of an explanation because there’s been a decline in music in general. Streaming & Internet piracy can be blamed for some of that but the issue runs even more deeply. In the past, music expanded listeners experiences, as did cars & sports. People went outside and attended events because there was nothing to do at home, and music was a huge part of that. Nowadays, young people, the ones thirsting for companionship & new experiences, have social media & videogaming. The only music they like is the music that’s incorporated into their virtual environment. This is the same reason young people seem to be missing from society at large: it’s because they’re in their own society online.

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