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1263 Masculinity Test


The stereotype of masculinity is demonstrated by an online self-test of 10 questions, beginning with. “What do you do if you’re punched?” followed by 3 choices: Start crying and run away, turn the other cheek or fight back. The second question is: “Probability of you crying during a movie?” gauged on a 1 to 10 scale. The third is: “You have a girlfriend but a very attractive girl makes a pass?” is answered by clicking among face icons: frown, irritated, ho-hum, oh yeah, ready to get down. “Your house is a mess and friends are coming over, what do you do?” Clean up, pile things in a back room, no big deal. “What do you do after a first date?” Call her back, add her to the rotation, ghost her. “What if you’re drunk & feeling sad?” Do you go to bed, call your ex or get in a fight? “You’re in an auto accident and a musclebound guy gets out of the other car: what do you do?” Lock your doors, laugh nervously, get out & resolve the issue. “What do you do first at the gym?” Work out, sip a smoothie, take a mirror selfie. Then answer “How do you feel after eating 2 Big Macs, large fries & 32 oz. Coke?” with 1 to 5 stars. The last question is to choose among 3 pictures: a beautiful woman, a mountain bike or a masculine-looking male. How would you score? Personally, I think it was more of test for autism.

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