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1262 Men’s Vulnerabilities


Women have recognized that they are in control of the world. This has not led to a safer more understanding planet, the opposite instead: run away inflation, homelessness & internal discord. The political process has completely broken down, as has the separation of powers. Crime is no longer under control, education is more indoctrination than training young people how to improve themselves, climate cultism has become the new religion, and there’s even contemplation of a nuclear world war. How did this happen? How did the Matriarchy overcome the Patriarchy? Because of testosterone women cannot compete head-to-head with men so they have to stab through the cracks in men’s armor, which are: (1) democracy, the idea that 2 weak women can tell a strong man what to do; (2) exploit men’s courtesy & natural reticence to conflict with women; and (3) men will submit to women to get sex. All of these vulnerabilities are self-inflicted, and men could get back in control using their testosterone as their superpower, but that’s also been reduced so much that many men think they’re women, expanding their vulnerabilities even more.

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