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1055 Irreducible Complexity


Evolution has become a religion ensconced in the trappings of science. Even though there are glaring inconsistencies, it’s adherents vociferously defend every hill and dismiss anyone who dares question the orthodoxy as a heretic. One need not be a theist to reject some of the tenets of evolution, but those who believe in God did provide the concept of Irreducible Complexity that pushes back against the established narrative taught uncritically in public schools. Irreducible Complexity is the idea that some things in nature are too complex to have evolved because no less complex system would function. It’s not a new concept: the Watchmakers allegory was used for centuries to prove God’s existence, citing the eye as an example of Irreducible Complexity; with modern cites of the Bombardier beetle’s defense mechanism, cilium motion, flagella, the immune system, and blood-clotting cascade. Unfortunately this strategy to disembowel evolution has been undermined by lack of mathematical certainty. Evolution proponents claim computer simulations show that evolution is possible no matter how complex, then they cross their arms and consider the issue closed. However, that same smug computer simulation example is easily turned against them: due to the von Neumann architecture inherent in ribosomes, the cell’s protein manufacturing organelle, it can be easily calculated that the odds of hemoglobin existing, though theoretically possible, is more than 20 to the 146th power, meaning the odds against it evolving is significantly greater than the number of atoms in the universe: essentially a kill-shot on evolution.

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