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1038 Letting Go of Liberty


It’s pretty clear that most people don't even know what liberty is; they take it for granted, and no one has ever even taught them its logic, how they benefit from it, and why the benefits are worth the cost. It requires education because for most people, especially employees, liberty doesn't directly do them any good: they could easily sacrifice it for a UBI, free healthcare, free college, paid family leave, shorter hours, longer vacations, higher minimum wage & preferential hiring. There's also the perversity side: if someone else's accomplishments diminish their own self-image then stop all accomplishment. In that light, there’s no need to quixotically try and retain the liberty we had in the past when the people you're fighting for don't care, and probably don't even want it. It will take a future generation after the gynocentric-privileged-transgender-grievance crowd has played out. Unfortunately, liberty probably can't come back once it's gone, and we won't be around to see anyway.

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