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1037 Liberty was Defeated


None of us in The Patriarchy: defined as liberty, meritocracy & patriotism; thought liberty would be defeated. We assumed a silent majority would rise up and defend it. Unfortunately, a majority did rise up, and though your wife & daughter may not have been among their ranks, everyone else's was: 87% of young women voters, and 60+ percent of all women, plus their allied minorities & weirdos; and liberty was lost. It wasn’t a surprise in hindsight: egalitarians already had media, education, entertainment, Big Tech & all branches of government, including the judiciary just waiting to collude. Combine that with the unprecedented Shamdemic lockdowns whose whole purpose seemed to be to defeat one man; and when that wasn’t enough, a soft coup via a fraudulent election and iron-fisted censorship; and you can see the extent of their power, both breath & depth. It finally dawned on us that liberty was only a concept, not a guaranteed right, and though it manifested in little ways that we all enjoyed: being in control of your own life has mental health benefits; it wasn't really a tangible thing, so it's loss is more of an existential crisis, the darkening of enlightenment. At least the feminists, minorities & weirdos' mental health will be improved by them being in control and lessening their resentment & envy towards those with testosterone. We can hide in our online communities, stop discussing politics in public, and live our lives in the shadows… Until they come for us anyway.

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