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1036 We Lost


It’s over, we’ve lost. We lost the institutions: media, education, entertainment & Tech; we’ve lost control of the definition of words; we’ve lost our history; we’re censored; we’re forced to wear masks; we can’t travel; we have to carry papers; we can be cancelled; we can be forced to call a he, “she”; we are indoctrinated everywhere, even science is propaganda; there are words we can’t say, the Thought Police are real; we can’t defend ourselves; we can’t be masculine; we can’t speak frankly, our neighbors & family members will turn us in; we have to hide in our homes evading questions about being vaccinated; we lost our privacy; we can’t discipline our children; we can't trust the courts; we can’t trust election results; we are discriminated against due to the color of our skin & sex; and we can’t mention any of this without being called crazy.

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