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1032 Communists Can’t Bake Enough Bread


Communism, the concept of basing a society on equality in all things, requires authoritarianism because no matter how intense the propaganda & brainwashing, it can never be 100%, which is one of the reasons Communist regimes need gulags, Russian for “Re-education camps,” as a place to put the malcontents. The other reason is that Communists require the gulags as a source of forced labor for their society because left to natural human motivations, Communists can’t bake enough bread. In an equal society where those in need can place demands on those more talented & hardworking, it’s a race-to-the-bottom to be the neediest because if it’s a choice between working and slacking, almost everyone, especially young people, will choose to smoke dope, play videogames & masturbate all day rather than the mundanity of work. Everyone secretly knows this is the case, especially the elites who enforce equality, but as part of the intense propaganda trying to make people go against their nature, anyone who openly admits any doubt is immediately identified as not properly brainwashed and sent to the gulag where their labor is desperately needed for baking.

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