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1031 Green New Deal


After decades of environmentalism, it’s totally predictable that something like the Green New Deal (GND) would be seriously considered as the law of the land. The GND calls for public policy to address climate change by: • Elimination of all fossil fuels. • Eliminating all nuclear power. • Replace every combustion-engine. • Retrofit every building in America to be energy efficient. • Use highspeed rail to replace air travel. • And the only way to get rid of farting cows is to get rid of meat. More insidiously, the GND is a Trojan horse for much more expansive social changes, like reducing economic inequality with: • Free college. • Every job provides “family-sustaining wage, family & medical leave, vacations, and a pension.” • Government-provided “healthy food.” • Government-provided “safe, affordable, adequate housing.” • Government-provided “economic security” for all who are “unable or unwilling” to work. The GND uses the word “massive” 13 times, and of course would necessitate communism to institute. Nothing’s bigger or scarier than the end of the world, and there’s an army of brainwashed youth who don’t want to die, so if the GND doesn’t happen now then soon.

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