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1027 Brainwashing


It’s amazing how completely America’s been taken over; it’s an incredible victory on their part; by whoever it was? The naked power they exhibited without fear of reprisal is astounding; all stories, regardless of network, use the same narrative, obvious collusion, including severe censorship of any competing narratives; and it was totally effective: the level of brainwashing among the general population is stunning; so much in fact that it makes me question my own brainwashing; I might just be a dinosaur from another brainwashing age? Maybe liberty isn’t such a big deal, and maybe we should judge people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character? Maybe the stock market will go up forever and there are UFOs & ghosts! How would I know? Where would I go not to be brainwashed? I was aware we were under an insidious & intent psychological attack, sham after sham after sham, but I wasn’t aware how far down the rabbit hole we’d gone. The response to the so-called “pandemic” is a perfect example: we don’t even know if there really was a pandemic, or if it was intentional; it seems likely it was an orchestrated mass psychosis for exactly the goals it achieved: a soft coup against a popular and effective president, and the destruction of traditional American values. What’s even more surprising is the lack pushback; apparently, once someone’s been brainwashed, the odds are they never come back to reality.

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