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1026 Ubiquitous Propaganda


I was always under the impression that propaganda was what despicable Communist & Fascist countries did so either I was wrong, or America is now Communist or Fascist or both. Everybody thinks everybody else believes propaganda but what they believe is true. This self-centered delusion is so ubiquitous that even repeating it here is trite, especially as it applies to me: I also think everyone else has been fooled and I know the truth; or at least I know that most everything is propaganda: I don’t know what the truth is; how could I, where would I get unpropagandized information? People are more susceptible to the propaganda if their own legitimacy is at stake; they don’t even want access to other ideas and points-of-view. The sad fact is, the vast majority of people want to live in the Matrix; and reject the Red Pill. I didn't realize how bad it was before: I like to think that it just got like this during the past decade or so because I'd be embarrassed to find out I’d been living in the delusion too, unaware that everything I heard about liberty, 9/11, and America’s exceptionalism was propaganda. But that was then and this is now, so it's important for me to find how to operate inside what is essentially the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany or both.

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