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1017 How to Save America


Liberty was lost because it was taken for granted; it wasn’t nourished like the delicate flower it really is, and so was trampled by envious & resentful egalitarians exploiting social pressure. They did it because they wanted to be in charge, and liberty gets back in charge the same way: by exploiting the weakness of Capitalism, the fact that everything is for sale, including liberty. Libertyists must buy back the MSM, fund Entertainment, fund Tech, fund Higher Ed, and take back the schools. These aren’t investments because most of the money will be lost; instead the intent is to use money to take over the narrative: first, recall partisan judges & authoritarian governors; second, use federal power to encourage school vouchers; third, have a Cold War with China; forth, reign in the Tech monopolies with anti-monopoly & tax laws; fifth, remove Social Media’s editorial protection from lawsuits; sixth, enforce the MSM’s impartiality similar to the old Fairness doctrine; and seventh, purge social justice nonsense from the military, and any other public institutions.

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