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974 Personality Tests


Pop psychology personality tests have an almost addictive allure; you strongly suspect they're little more than horoscopes, but you tend to believe them anyway. Is there anyone on the Internet that hasn't taken one online that purports to tell you what kind of person you are? The two most well-known personality tests are Jung Type and Big Five, both of which are supposedly based on real studies, but the Style test is the most popular; you answer 105 agree-or-disagree questions, and it identifies your style out of 15 possible. Other tests are similar though the number the questions differ.

The sheer number of personality tests is proof of their popularity, or at least the over-saturation of Psychology PhDs looking for publication, or maybe just space-fillers by people with too much time on their hands. Here is a partial list of online personality tests available: Communism, Authority, Orientation, Dark Core, Gender, DSM Style, Kinsey, Dark Triad, Feminism, Villain, Morality, Anger, Psychopath, Sexual, Lifetrap, Freud, Homophobia, IQ, EQ, Sexism, Faces, Transgender, Rorschach, Attachment, Narcissism, Conspiracy, Adversity, Abuse, Depression, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Chaos, ADHD, Stress, Eating, Perfection, Electability, Friends, Resilience, Breakup, Anxiety, Wealth, EvoPsych, Sizeism, PTSD, Typology, Car, Movie Star, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Hogwarts, and my personal favorite, Winnie the Pooh, I wonder what kind of personality would take them all?

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