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965 Subsidized Society Concepts


Society is too important to leave unsubsidized; let's review:

  1. By many definitions, we're already in a depression.

  2. The attraction for Universal Basic Income is too powerful to overcome.

  3. Most people don't understand why work is so important to a functional society.

  4. The solution to housing the homeless is almost entirely a matter of legal changes.

  5. “Saving lives” is the cover used by authoritarians because it tops the sanctimony scale.

  6. Boomers may be the last generation to experience the greatest of America.

  7. Society's responsibility includes subsidizing the things its people need.

  8. A job is too important not to have, even if government has to subsidize it.

  9. Whoever is responsible for children controls the direction of society.

  10. Schooling should be subsided by government but it should not be government-operated.

  11. How government funds education is almost as important as the education.

  12. Mandatory charity is used to mask negative motivations deleterious to society.

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