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Altruism is genetic, and it's the source of people's profound desire to help other people and other creatures when they see them in need because altruists get personal satisfaction from their charitable actions. Some people even feel altruistic towards things, and become their protectors & custodians, hence the allure of the environmental movement. This is a fundamental human emotion, obviously based in evolution since it seems to be integral to a successful society, at least in the form of charity, which is voluntary. Unfortunately, altruism easily turns into egalitarianism, which turns charity into an obligation.

An egalitarian society intends to make all people equal, primarily at the expense of other people. It turns charity into a right; those in need can make demands on another's resources or ability. There are many examples in the past to demonstrate the results of that kind of reversal of responsibility; society will sink to its lowest common denominator: achievement is minimized, meritocracy demonized, and ambition denigrated. Obviously, it's not charity causing these things, but the other evolution-derived traits of envy, covetousness & resentment, which hide behind charity. It's interesting that when charity is viewed as voluntary, it advances society, but when it becomes mandatory, it destroys it.

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