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934 Proud Boys


The Proud Boys were created to counteract the anti-Free Speech movement, and they were successful for a short while by basing their credibility of their leader, Gavin McInnes, co-founder of influential Vice magazine. However, Proud Boys made the fatal mistake of thinking they could respond to the anti-Free Speech organization, Antifa, in Democrat-controlled cities, and having identifiable leadership; it didn't take long for them to be vilified by the MSM. The Proud Boys Wiki page is obviously written to misrepresent & defame them. Leftist Tech monopoly-controlled Social Media labeled them an extremist group, and Cancelled McInnes.

I looked into Proud Boys because of their exploits in Portland, Oregon, where I live; an anti-Free Speech stronghold promoting itself as a “No Go” zone. The Proud Boys were formed to ensure there were no Free Speech No Go zones and so they went there to protest, but what happened is not what was reported in the media. In the morning, the Proud Boys drove into Portland, got out of their bus, walked around in a circle, got back on their bus, which by then was being attacked by Antifa, and drove away; half-hour tops. All the reporting of violence, mugging, assaults, etc. attributed to them was actually committed by Antifa on innocent passerbys, not even close to the short march area. All 13 arrested after The Proud Boys left were Antifa, but it doesn’t say that in the news articles. With no way to defend themselves, The Proud Boys no longer have the capacity to defend Free Speech; the opposite in fact, they’re an example of what happens to anyone who tries.

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