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933 No Free Speech Zones


Under the guise of Safe Spaces, the campuses of liberal arts colleges are no Free Speech zones; which is the source of the contagion against Free Speech that has now permeated into Democrat-controlled cities, and enforced on the streets by Antifa. The origins of Antifa go back to the 1930s as Communists in Italy & Germany fought back against the Fascists, then defined by the National Socialists, the Nazis, where they engaged in the same kind of intimidation & violence they use today, though now their enemy is The Patriarchy in general, and Free Speech in particular. Because of that, Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization, but they simply morphed into BLM, which has the same goals, though couched in politically untouchable language and skin-coloring.

I have some personal knowledge of Antifa because one of their bogeymen, mixed-race Joey Gibson, is local, and I attended court while he defended his right to assemble and speak freely in a public park. When he obtained an information booth for his organization, Patriot Prayer, at the local community college, Antifa threatened to show up and protest, so the school decided to cancel classes entirely and send staff home rather than support & accept the consequence of free speech. The institution literally enabled a no Free Speech zone; what a pitiful indicator of the state of Free Speech in our educational system, to immediately capitulate to Antifa’s aims.

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