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932 Disrupting Free Speech


As bizarre as it seems to older people, there are organized efforts to disrupt Free Speech in America, primarily discriminating against Conservatives, and it's gaining steam. It’s rooted in ideology, one intent on overturning the status quo, and Free Speech counter to their narrative of Social Justice makes that difficult. Their argument is the distorted, egalitarian view of liberty, with all the selfishness and none of the responsibility or introspection; the idea that if someone says something that offends you, you can prevent that person from speaking, especially if their message lies outside of acceptable thought.

Examples of disrupting Free Speech aren’t hard to find: Conservative speakers barred from college campuses include Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Kathleen Parker, Charles Murray, Ben Shapiro, Christina Hoff, and many more. And if they do get a venue, they're censored with a Heckler’s Veto, noise-making & interruptions. The hypocrisy of obstructing someone else from speaking by claiming Free Speech has already been determined unlawful, but it’s none-the-less effective unless there is a willingness to enforce the law. Another way to suppress Free Speech are the specious claims about safety to justify denying access, or trying to make the speaker financially responsible for additional security. Disrupting Free Speech is tragic but it’s to be expected in a Communist revolution.

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