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905 Fascism is Socialist


The interpretation of fascism older people grew up with was National Socialism, the ideology of the Axis powers in WW2. Giovanni Gentile is the philosopher who imagined Fascism, and was the ghost-writer of Mussolini's speech on the topic. He was an ardent Marxist; a quote from his biography says: "He found vindication for the rejection of individualism, and acceptance of collectivism, with the state as the ultimate location of authority and loyalty outside of which individuality had no meaning." So the original definition of Fascism was Marxism combined with Nationalism.

Now, however, the counter-narrative definition of "fascism" has been changed to not include socialism because the egalitarian-Left wants to call the liberty-Right, fascists, so they say Fascism is different from Socialism; but so is Marxism, so is Communism; but they all include collectivism and controlling the means of production. The difference is that Fascists are in bed with private corporations, they don't actually own them. Nazi Germany nationalized many businesses for the collective furtherment of the nation, especially Jewish ones; then those businesses were given to Capitalist cronies of the State. Italy's fascism was also Crony Capitalism; and so was Japan's. The history & facts speak for themselves; fascism is socialist, as is any ideology that subjugates liberty.

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