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904 War of the Sexes


Most people can tell there's a civil war going on but they aren't sure who the sides are? Many think it's racial, but that's only a small, well-publicized component; the real battle is between liberty vs. egalitarianism, which essentially boils down to men vs. women. The ranks of egalitarians has grown dramatically in the past 2 decades; from a small, fringe group during the Cold War to close to half the nation since. Millennial women in particular, are the enemy of older, white men, with old feminists supporting and encouraging the conflict. The sons of single mothers, and low status males with a chip on their shoulder, add to the ranks.

Men let this situation develop like boiling a frog because they were reluctant to stop it: fathers didn't want to argue with their daughters, and sons didn't want conflict with their wives, so the cult of egalitarianism got where it is today. The entire Democrat party was captured; as was Education, Entertainment, Tech & the Media; all due to the infiltration by women through browbeating and preferential hiring. No one pushed back because no one could, otherwise they would immediately be labeled a sexist and canceled. It's gotten to the point where violence is the next step: men either have to capitulate or be willing to suffer the consequences of resisting.

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