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901 Math is Not Ideological


The egalitarian Left desires to take from one half of the population and give to the other half, which is not the same as the redistributionist Center's strategy of taking from the upper 2% and giving to everyone else, but both ideas inflame The Right. The argument from The Right is that the mega-wealthy earned their money, or presumably their parents did, and no one has a right to take it for any reason, but math is not ideological, so concentration of wealth is not something anyone earned. Some examples are needed to explain this concept:

If someone has $50 million, and they know through their elite connections where to get a risk-free 7% return, then their income rises exponentially faster than Joe Middle-Class letting his money manager place $50K for a risky 5% return while skimming 2% off the top. All of this while three-quarters of the population earns nothing on nothing; in fact, they pay 18% on their credit card. To put a final point on it, the folks who earn a decent living, like doctors, pay 35% on their earnings while the ultra-wealthly, who do nothing but gamble, pay only 15% on theirs. It’s an exploitation racket that eventually results in social conflict when enough people understand what's going on and get sick-n-tired of it; it's just a matter of the math.

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