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900 Raised a Marxist


Growing up, we are immersed in egalitarianism & authoritarianism, the basic components of Marxism; Anyone raised in a nuclear family can see the ingredients: parents tell you what to do, and you tie your little sister's shoelaces because you can and she needs it. Plus, all the kids are treated equally, and get an equal vote. At church, a Christian family is steeped in Bible stories, many of which are egalitarian; then the kids go to school where they're taught that if everyone can't have a piece of candy, no one can; environmentalist indoctrination of we must do what's best for everyone; and that the bourgeoisie, the Middle Class, are racists. At after-school sports, everyone gets a trophy.

Because of this egalitarian envelopment in home, church & school, America has been periodically flirting with Marxism. The Cold War was used to hold it in abeyance because personal sovereignty was emphasized to children during those years, but after the fall of the Soviet Union, believers in egalitarianism: the feminists, minorities & weirdos; got control of public education. Liberty was no longer the ideology, and for the past decades, the natural course towards Marxism has returned. When students finally do hear about liberty, they are horrified how selfish it seems because they were never taught about personal responsibility either.

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