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878 Election Interference


The claim of election interference is muddled because it seems to apply to what elections are: Special Interest groups trying to get their candidate into office. The distinction that it's only interference if foreigners do it is belied by the many international interests, like Climate Alarmists, Globalists & SJWs, who certainly make their preferences known in American elections. Yet the U.S. had to endure 3 years of constant Russia, Russia, Russia mantra that was a complete fabrication. Forget Russia, Israel has way more influence, China has more hackers, and what about the millions of illegal immigrants in America who vote?

There are proposals to retaliate with sanctions against nations deemed to be interfering, but what about the long history of the CIA interfering in other nation’s elections? Should all nations retaliate against the U.S., applying sanctions for our interference? It's all theater, no counter-measures against interference will be enacted because those would affect all the interests the anti-interference people want interfered with. The charge of election interference is simply a pretext to attack political opponents, and possibly leverage enough support for so-called “election security” legislation, primarily from The Left, that are actually packed with all kinds of ideological goals, like Open Borders, an almost unbelievable hypocrisy encouraging even more election interference by people who don't live here.

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