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862 Diversity Oaths


The quest for diversity has jumped the shark; colleges and businesses have started hiring Vice Presidents of Diversity. What are these people to do in such a high-level job? The result is frightening: now as part of the job application process, the three things an applicant must include are a resume, Applicant letter, and a mandatory Diversity Oath. The Oath isn’t just a check box or signature, it's required to be a written personal commitment to “diversity,” listing exactly what the applicant is going to do to promote it. If the Oath is not up to the VP of Diversity’s subjective diversity standards, the application is rejected without even notifying the applicant why. This isn’t even a subtle attempt to keep diversity of thought out of education.

Similarly, now to renew a Law license in Canada, the applicant must swear a diversity pledge. Very worrisome, there are some U.S. State bars considering this requirement too. Another example: Washington State government has stated their three goals, one of which is diversity, but honesty & integrity didn't get listed. Diversity indoctrination is everywhere, yet diversity is not a goal listed in America's founding, nor is it compatible with personal liberty and Freedom of Association. Luckily, people are starting to fight back against this authoritative overreach. Just like Loyalty Oaths were found to be odious, diversity is even more divisive. If there’s going to be oaths on job applications, the only one allowed should be to not require one.

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