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860 White Nationalists


It's tough to tell the difference between White Supremacists, White Separatists & White Nationalists because all 3 terms have been demonized by conflating them so no one wants to admit they can tell. The White Supremacist label evokes another time, one modern sensibilities can't quite grasp because clearly, Whites are not on the top of the intelligence scale. It's particularly difficult to separate White Separatists from White Nationalists; they might even be the same thing? The argument used by White Nationalists isn’t that people with pale skin are better than anyone else, but that “good fences make good neighbors.” They think the world is big enough for every Identity Group to have their own piece; as impractical as that may be in reality. To egalitarians, Whites are the ones on the hook for Reparations, and they dare not think they can leave. There's also Black Nationalists but they don't get a lot of air time on the MSM.

As innocuous as remaining separate seems, a concept at the heart of most religions, the idea has been integrated into the Scapegoating Whites narrative as something unforgivable. Ask Google, “What's wrong with White Nationalism?” and there is no answer to that question; instead there are endless links about “hate” groups. This narrative virulently plays itself out in social media: Facebook has determined that White Nationalism is White Supremacy, and has redirected all searching of those terms to a website called “Life After Hate.” Personally, I think the idea of any kind of separatism is idiotic, but the Amish seem to like it.

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