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858 Color Blind


In the 1960s, America decided it was going to “fix” its race problem. It got a lot of news coverage, and incessantly talked about in politics, even getting some serious Civil Rights legislation passed in 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965, and 1968; and it went right to the big gun: indoctrination. Starting young, the first day of kindergarten perhaps, school kids began being taught that all people should be treated the same; that they shouldn’t even see race. The brainwashing worked; the generation that grew up during those decades were color blind. It seemed like discrimination in its raw form had been defeated.

Unfortunately, poor inner-city minorities didn't turn out any differently; maybe worse? Discussing the causes of this civic failure are highly controversially, but beginning in the new millennium, with the advent of egalitarian sensibilities, the causes became immaterial; the only solutions were in the form of making people equal. Color blindness was decried as racist because it absolved the responsibility of white people to make things equal. In a complete reversal of the previous half-century, recognizing the differences in races was celebrated because if the solution to inequality is to take from one group and give to another, then defining the groups on the basis of color benefits those who have it.

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