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857 Reparations


Reparations is the proposed solution to correct past injustices in the pantheon of all things must be made equal. The concept of Reparations violates the liberal doctrine that sons are not responsible for the sins of their fathers, but egalitarianism is decidedly not liberal; in fact, it's illiberal. It's quite disorienting to hear advocating of reverse-slavery because we are so habituated to arguing with the colors switched, however, since it comes up so often and has become doctrinaire in the Democrat Party; Reparations must be examined objectively:

Who pays money to who? How much? How long? Who decides? Are Reparations only to people with black skin? How black? Are dark people from Australia or India black? Do all people with black skin get the money or do they have to trace their ancestry back to slavery? What about the people in the ghettos who don't trace back to slavery? What about recent immigrants? What about Illegal immigrants? Are just white people supposed to pay Reparations? Are light-skinned people from Mexico White? Are Asians supposed to pay too? Is there partial credit for past good deeds like a white relative dying in the Civil War? Would a one time payment do it, or would it be recurring until equality was achieved? Is the payment means-tested, meaning do rich black people get just as much money as poor black people? What about the half of the white population that don't make enough to pay taxes; is their responsibility to the past simply abdicated?

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