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855 Racist Things


With the new definition of racism, one Martin Luther King wouldn't even recognize, where only white people can be racist; it turns out things can be racist too. The list is long but here are some examples: Credit scores, Car insurance, Crime statistics, Halloween costumes, Disney movies, White chefs who make burritos, Milk, Tanning, Math, Science, Proper English grammar, Patriotism, Makeup, The SAT, Electronic music, Pornography, Families, Nostalgia, Soda taxes, Bulletproof glass, Property taxes, School grades, Background checks, Atheism, Capitalism, Socialism & Marxism, Highways, Diabetes, Climate Change, Pollution, The Bible, Police, Snow, Witches, Fairytales, Beauty pageants, Lies, Swans, Sheep, Rhinos, Dreadlocks, Hard work, Flour, Salt, Sugar, The American Way, Cartoons, Cold, The Winter Olympics, Solar eclipses, Air, Dogs, Babies, Farmer’s Markets, Obesity, McDonald’s, Craft beer, and of course, Time.

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