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854 Racism Definition


The traditional definition of racism was someone who judged other people, not from the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. This concept may sound familiar; it's a twist of Martin Luther King's famous quote, and was the definition of racism up until this millennium. American law requires both action & intent for something to be criminal, and assumes we cannot read another person's thoughts, so an act could not be racist unless there was evidence of a person’s thoughts that went along with it. There's also some evidence that racism in the technical sense, subconscious stereotyping on the basis of color, is instinctual, but cognitive humans can easily suppress such feelings. Whatever the thoughts are, if there is no act, there is no racism; at least that's the way it used to be...

But with the advent of intersectionality, racism has been radically redefined; most strategic for the race hustlers, now only whites can be called “racist;” the word isn't even applicable to anyone else; and unfortunately, whites are born racist and have no ability to overcome their racism; consequently no other evidence is required, and no act has to occur; and since racism is a form of oppression, it explains why nonwhite people require equity; meaning whites are morally obligated to give up some of what they have to the people who have been oppressed, just to equal things up. That's social justice; and whites really have no say in the matter.

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