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853 Intersectionality Score


Intersectionality, the new face of egalitarianism, purports to be analytical, and has a simple test to “calculate your oppression, gain social justice for the marginalized, fight oppression, and make America great.” It consists of 13 sliders labeled: white, straight, male, cisgender, rich, young, able-bodied, English first language, born in USA, higher education, Christian, Muslim & Jewish. They claim that the Intersectionality score measures the systematic oppression & discrimination faced by an individual due to their multiple identity factors, and that the score can be used in an office setting to give exclusive opportunities & promotions to people with high scores. They also recommend a group meeting for everyone to compare their scores, even encouraging the use of the calculator on other people to identify oppressors. However, it does warn that a high score doesn't completely immunize someone from being called an oppressor from someone even more disadvantaged; giving the example that a gay black man could still be accused of being a misogynist by a poor, immigrant woman.

So far over 1.2 million people have taken the test. The most up-ranked comment on the page was: “It's condescending, patronizing crap like this, dressed up in academic verbiage like a pig in makeup, which at last exposes the intellectual derangement of mainstream progressivism.” Finagling the sliders, I was able to get the lowest “2” score, and found the age slider made no difference or I'd be a “0.” The Intersectionality score farce concludes with the claim: “all scores are accurate.”

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