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813 Other Rights Concepts


Let's review some of the other Rights people are always talking about:

  1. Constitutional Rights are paramount though lots of people have other ideas what's more important.

  2. The Bill of Rights was more than an afterthought but less than Constitutional original text.

  3. Interpreting The Constitution is more democracy than it is judicial.

  4. Amending The Constitution is not really considered a possibility anymore.

  5. Constructed Rights are what happens when the political process breaks down.

  6. Egalitarianism is not in The Constitution but most people think it is.

  7. Human Rights are imaginary because there's no one to enforce them.

  8. People invoke Natural Rights when they claim morals, ethics & values supersede The Law.

  9. Capitalism provides cover to suppress personal Rights.

  10. The rights of minors hinge on arbitrary age limits because there's no better way.

  11. Parental Rights are at play in the war between liberty vs. egalitarianism.

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