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805 Amending The Constitution


Looking past the aura of divine creation, and the awe just saying “Constitution” brings to an audience, except for a few flashes of poetry and brilliant insight, mostly the document is lost in a sea of mediocrity. A lot of the writing is inapplicable, confusing, impenetrable, ambiguous, contextual, and in many cases, ignored. The vast majority of people can't list more than one or two of its guarantees, nor what they mean. The Constitution is in need of serious updating, but the country has become so diverse, so divided, so chock-full of opposing viewpoints, that the complex process of changing The Constitution is now practically impossible, and nobody really thinks that amending The Constitution is even a possibility anymore. It's not surprising that the last Amendment added was to raise Congress members' pay.

In fact, with the dramatic rise of egalitarian sentiment, the very foundation of The Constitution is under attack and its legitimacy is in question. It was ratified without participation by most of the members of society, specifically women, minorities and the poor; so the very concept of liberty is up for debate, and no amount of adjustment is going to solve that. Some on The Left are even calling for abandoning The Constitution. That seems unlikely, but things that do not change, eventually become antiquated & inconsequential.


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