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801 Constitutional Rights are Paramount



Are Civics even part of the high school curriculum anymore? There's now an entire political party that doesn't seem to understand Constitutional Rights; particularly liberty, Free Speech, and gun ownership. They somehow think these Rights are in play; that a local or State government can place restrictions or simply vote them away? Safety is usually the given reason: limiting Rights will save lives or curb "hate speech,” but the reality is that authoritarians & cowards threaten Rights for their own selfish reasons.

Unfortunately, the Corona virus Lockdowns showed that sanctimony is a powerful weapon, and how easily the sheep will fall into line, abandoning their Rights for the imaginary protection of face-masks. Authoritarian governors & mayors actually thought they could extend draconian “safety” measures indefinitely in their attempt to assume full Nanny State control, but that's not how it works: Constitutional Rights are paramount; there is no other secondary concern that takes precedence, at least not in the long run. Eventually, any curtailment of Constitutional Rights will end up in The Courts, and as long as those are conservative justices, your Rights will be restored. It's unfortunate that the elected officials who have abused Constitutional Rights aren't chastised or penalized in some way, but that's one of the weaknesses of democracy: Interest groups, even foreign nations scheming against the U.S., will push as hard as they can against your Constitutional Rights because personal autonomy is often in the way of erstwhile dictatorships.


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