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799 Climate Change Predictions


Let's assume something actually can and should be done about the changing climate, a big “if” that alone sets off alarm bells in any scientific endeavor, we need to try and predict the results of a warming climate and possible ameliorating responses. China, who has a problem right now, changed to electric motorcycles in under a decade, and they’ve got nukes going up all over the place, but all the proposed solutions in The West make it seem more likely that Globalists see Climate Change as a way to leverage into power: Open Borders, international wealth redistribution, population reduction, upending the status quo; the traditional Marxist agenda.

Ulterior motives aside, the likely Climate Change scenario involves preventing mass immigration from Mexico, and encouraging mass migration within the U.S., and probably emigration to Canada. The gun culture will ensure that violence won't spread, and Martial Law plus the National Guard will keep order in threatened enclaves. The entire political landscape will change because the voting blocks will be the migrants versus the existing population, so leaders will arise that reflect that situation. The discussion needs to be give-n-take, otherwise the skeptics won't be reassured because the religious zeal and self-assuredness of the other side is the opposite of convincing. Ultimately, like all complex systems, Climate Change is beyond prediction, so a reactive wait-and-see approach is superior to Marxist agenda-prone proactive bullying.


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