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797 Cost of Climate Change


A recent government report came out projecting how Climate Change will negatively impact the U.S. GDP: 10.5% by 2100. It's humorous when people make 10-year predictions, but 80 years is insulting, especially when they’re so obviously politically motivated. Climate Alarmists generated sensational doomsday headlines with that data but without any context; which is that number is inconsequential. In comparison, normal GDP growth would be over 700%, and Climate Change would only reduce it to 600%, which is still huge.

Even on a global scale, the effects of Climate Change will supposedly limit the world economic growth rate to 2%. That means, even with Climate Change, the world economy will be increasing from $90 trillion to $360 trillion. If instead we tried to combat Climate Change, regulations and other related “fixes” would have a much bigger negative impact on GDP; throttling the world economy for only an estimated 1% reduction in Climate Change. These kinds of wild projected numbers, and the number of years over which they are predicted, is worse than ridiculous, they're dishonest. How is it math is at the mercy of democracy; it should be the other way around.


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