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795 Climate Scientists


What is a Climate Scientist, and why is it that only Climate Scientists, celebrities, and Democrats can understand climate science? For example, if anyone dares question the dire predictions of Climate Scientists, or shows any amount of skepticism, they are accused of being a science denier, and if they are a scientist themselves, even a Nobel Laureate in Physics, they don't know what they're talking about because they aren't Climate Scientists. Apparently, the only way you can prevent climate change is to give supervisory power to a worldwide organization of official Climate Scientists that know what's best for everyone.

To make it even more ironic; John Cook, the person who runs the Skeptical Science website which is often cited by Alarmists to defame climate skeptics is not a Climate Scientist; in fact, he’s not a real scientist at all, a “doctor of Cognitive Science,” more of a science hanger-on. Even his famed “97% of Climate Scientists Agree” article, the basis of the so-called scientific consensus on Climate Science, is unscientific; many of the authors of the papers he reported as supporting the Climate Change narrative have vociferously denied that was their conclusion. Plus, there’s even more dissenting papers by Climate Scientists he didn’t bother to include. So if the real Climate Scientists are in disagreement with a non-Climate Scientist who’s dilettante word is taken over their expertise, people can be forgiven if they suspect the whole thing is a fraud.


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