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794 Climate Change Motives


For all the political reasons to promote Climate Change, the question is why scientists go along? Real climate data has been misinterpreted, re-adjusted, or excused as erroneous when it didn’t support the dire predictions. First, they renamed the narrative “Climate Change” from “Global Warming” because per satellite data, there hasn't been any temperature increase in almost two decades. When that data was presented in congress, shortly thereafter it gained a “hockey-stick” jump upward; and another prominent study that also confirmed no change was pressured into collapsing their predicted temperature range to only include the statistically implausible worst case upper-bound. Both of these obviously coerced so-called “adjustments” were laughably defended by mendacious Climate-mavens whose pants were on fire. Additionally, the whole Medieval Warming Period has been conveniently forgotten when discussing the history of Global Warming.

To answer why these travesties of science have occurred, as usual, refer back to the old adage, follow the money. There's a lot of cash in the Climate Alarmist business, and a lot more coming. It’s estimated $150 billion was spent during Obama’s tenure, and another $10 billion a year in tax subsidies for wind & solar. Global expenditures for crying Climate Change Wolf are approaching half a trillion dollars, but the future is where the big payoff is because the number they want spent is $5 trillion. That would make 5 million millionaires, which pretty much admits every Climate Alarmist who ever made a peep into The 1%.


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