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793 Climate Change Politics


There's a whole new voting block coming up that's been seeped in Climate demagoguery at ever-increasing levels. Three generations ago, it started out as conservation, the laudable goal of husbanding the world's wildness & resources; I was convinced as a child because that's how indoctrination works but the lesson was innocuous enough, and promised to enhance our way of life, not threaten it. Unfortunately, conservation was used as a Trojan Horse for environmentalism, which is more Marxism than science. In combination with the self-righteous appeals for baby animals, there’s the fear-mongering: nothing scares children more than predictions that the world’s going to end, and it's their fault. Kids haven’t yet gained the capacity for perspective; their nightmares tonight are about the cataclysm tomorrow.

Jingoistic politicians exploit this naivete in a criminal way as they try to outgreen each other: for example, there's the Maoistic Green Leap Forward, whose representatives claim we’re a dozen years away from complete Climate annihilation. Poppycock! First, there's a lot of fraudulent science going on behind the whole Global Warming narrative with smoking-gun level rebuttals; it doesn't make any difference what percentage of people think it's true because science isn't subject to democracy. Secondly, the belief in Climate Change dogma wouldn’t split along Party lines; if half the people can't see an elephant in the room, the people who do are hysterical; and thirdly, the whole thing wouldn’t be powered by a Cult of Climate Change used to insist that we must give up our liberty and take leadership from the Elites or we’re all going to die.


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